Aate ka halwa | Bohra Atta | Flour ka Halwa Recipe

Aate ka halwa | Bohra Atta | Flour ka Halwa Recipe

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  • April 20, 2021
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Aate ka halwa is is very special and sweet dish that you can serve on special days. Its also known as the bohra aatta, a single sweet recipe has different names but all has same trick to cook and taste.

Cooking is one of the greatest gifts you can pass on to your generation. Its an unique art. When we talk about Pakistani homemade food, no one is better than Zeenat Iqbal hakimjee.

Ramadan is arrived! It means your daily routine will face a huge shift in terms of sleeping, waking, working and most importantly- eating! While the Holy Month brings immense blessings and opportunities to repent, it’s also one among the simplest times to ask friends and family over for iftar and dinner parties for the delicious food.

Zeenat Iqbal hakimjee is sharing a sweet dish recipe with us today which is easy to mange.
The name of that dish is Bohra Atta / Aate ka halwa. Before making this delicious sweet dish lets see the background of this dish.

Aate ka Halwa Easy Recipe:

Aate ka halwa is a famous sweet dish which will be a hit with most. Halwa is something that is served on special occasions and festivities. It is also good for occasions like Eid, Ramadan and Shab-e-Barat. So, put this recipe on the list of ‘things to try next’ in the kitchen and give this a shot when you can. I have listed the steps involved in the process to help you walk through it. Take a look at them and get started! You would love it for sure!

Every meal should end with something sweet


Ingredients Of Aate ka Halwa:

Ingredients Quantity
Atta/flour 2 cup
Sugar crystal or ground 3/4 to 1 cup according to taste
Ghee or butter 3/4 tablespoon full
Almond/bad am 100 gm
Pistachio 100gm
Gond 100gm
Ilaichi about 1 teaspoon full


Step 1

Fry the 2cups atta in ghee or butter 3/4 tablespoon full. If you want it to be wet use more ghee/butter.

Step 2

Fry on low flame it emits a smell which will tell you it’s done.

Step 3

Then crush the almonds and pistachio. Don’t make it into powder.

Step 4

Crush the ilaichi.

Step 5

Let your atta cool before you add the sugar either ground or crystal, almonds, pistachio ground and popped Gond and ground ilaichi.
Relish it in winter.





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