Pakistan Day With Pakistani Celebrities

23rd  March _ Pakistan Day to remember that from where we started, The Resolution of a separate state for the  Muslims of the sub-continent  was passed. It just not a National Day but it is also a day of remembrance. National day is celebrated by folks all around the world. Pakistani celebrities are not holding back in expressing their feelings for their country either. Pakistani artist are honoring the day in their own way. Social media platforms is filled with prayers and wishes for Pakistan.

Youm-e-Pakistan Stories:

Ahad Raza Mir wished his insta fan a Happy National Day by posting a story, check it out.

Pakistan Day With Pakistani Celebrities

On Youm-e-Pakistan, The gorgeous Nida Yasir posted a few pictures of her special 23rd March morning show program along with some other celebrities.

Pakistan Day 2022 With Pakistani Celebrities

The sweetest and the most sophisticated star of Pakistani celebrity Mahira Khan shared a post with the caption

“My dearest motherland,

                  Grateful everyday that I was born  on this soil. May there be prosperity and peace, Ameen.

Pakistan paindabad🌱💚🇵🇰. ”

Pakistan Day honoring With Pakistani Celebrities

Along with  a story of Pakistan flag shaped cookies.

Sana Fakhar celebrated 23rd March by uploading an incredibly gorgeous picture of herself in a bright green   outfit with the caption: Dil Dil Pakistan, Jan Jan Pakistan.

Pakistani Celebrities on Pakistan Day

Where as Asim Azhar and Marwa Hocane wished Happy National day by putting up old pictures of them selves holding the Flag of Pakistan.

pakistan day 2022 with Pakistani celebrities,Pakistani celebrities on Pakistan Day,

Zhalay Sarhadi wished the netizens Pakistan day by uploading a beautiful video and a stunning picture with the caption: “We are Pakistan 🇵🇰 it is our blood our roots and our identity! Let’s unanimously pray for its prosperity and work towards building a future best for ourselves and our coming generations 💚🤍.”

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